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Just 2 not let tis thread go idle ne longer:

Health is real wealth, not pieces of silver n gold : Ghandi

A wise man makes more opportunities than he can find : Francis Bacon

Think about it....
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Read the signature for quote
"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world,
The unreasonable man adapts the world to himself,
Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man"
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go to this link for Garfield quotes.

there are many more at the site.
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the harder u fall, the higher u bounce...!!!
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I am thankful for the wife who
says,"Hot dogs for supper!"
Because she is home with me, not
someone else.

I am thankful for the husband who is
on sofa being a couch potato
Because he is home with me and not out
at the bars.

I am thankful for the teenager who is
complaining about doing dishes
Because she is at home and not out on
the streets.

I am thankful for the taxes i pay
Because it means i am employed.

I am thankful for the mess to clean
after party
Because it means i have been surounded
with friends.

I am thankful for the clothes that fit
a little too snug
Because it means i have enough to eat.

I am thankful for my shadow that
watches me work
Because it means I am out in the

I am thankful for a lawn to
mow,windows to clean and gutters to fix
Because it means i have a home.

I am thankful for the complaining i
her about the government
Because it means we have freedom of

I am thankful fo the parking spot I
find at the far end of the parking lot
Because it means I am able to walk and
i have been blessed with

I am thankful for the pile of laundry
and ironing
Because it means I have clothes to

I am thankful for the weariness and
aching muscles at the end of the day
Because it mean I have been able to

I am thankful for the alarm that rings
early in the morning hours
Because it means I am alive..
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Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing.
Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865)

If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955), Observer, Jan. 15, 1950

Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value.
Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

A great secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up.
Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965)

A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.
Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893 - 1986)

To follow, without halt, one aim: There's the secret of success.
Anna Pavlova (1885 - 1931)

If your success is not on your own terms, if it looks good to the world but does not feel good in your heart, it is not success at all.
Anna Quindlen (1953 - )

It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way.
Aristotle (384 BC - 322 BC), Nichomachean Ethics

Of course there is no formula for success except perhaps an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.
Arthur Rubinstein (1886 - 1982)

Why be a man when you can be a success?
Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956)

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
Bill Cosby (1937 - )

What's money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between does what he wants to do.
Bob Dylan (1941 - )

The person who makes a success of living is the one who see his goal steadily and aims for it unswervingly. That is dedication.
Cecil B. DeMille (1881 - 1959)

Nothing succeeds like the appearance of success.
Christopher Lasch

There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way.
Christopher Morley (1890 - 1957)

The man of virtue makes the difficulty to be overcome his first business, and success only a subsequent consideration.
Confucius (551 BC - 479 BC), The Confucian Analects

Real success is finding your lifework in the work that you love.
David McCullough (1933 - )

Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you're not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were.
David Rockefeller (1915 - )

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.
Dr. David M. Burns

We succeed only as we identify in life, or in war, or in anything else, a single overriding objective, and make all other considerations bend to that one objective.
Dwight D. Eisenhower (1890 - 1969), speech, April 2, 1957

Success is counted sweetest by those who ne'er succeed.
Emily Dickinson (1830 - 1886)

Success didn't spoil me, I've always been insufferable.
Fran Lebowitz (1950 - )

Nothing changes your opinion of a friend so surely as success - yours or his.
Franklin P. Jones, Saturday Evening Post, November 29, 1953

I owe my success to having listened respectfully to the very best advice, and then going away and doing the exact opposite.
G. K. Chesterton (1874 - 1936)

Nothing fails like success.
Gerald Nachman

To freely bloom - that is my definition of success.
Gerry Spence, How to Argue and Win Every Time

My mother drew a distinction between achievement and success. She said that 'achievement is the knowledge that you have studied and worked hard and done the best that is in you. Success is being praised by others, and that's nice, too, but not as important or satisfying. Always aim for achievement and forget about success.'
Helen Hayes (1900 - 1993)

Men are born to succeed, not fail.
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.
Henry David Thoreau (1817 - 1862)
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A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of.
Ogden Nash

Certainly there are things in life that money can't buy, but it's very funny - Did you ever try buying them without money?
Ogden Nash

Children aren't happy with nothing to ignore, and that's what parents were created for.
Ogden Nash

Happiness is having a scratch for every itch.
Ogden Nash

I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I'll never see a tree at all.
Ogden Nash

If you don't want to work you have to work to earn enough money so that you won't have to work.
Ogden Nash

Marriage is the alliance of two people, one of whom never remembers birthdays and the other never forgets them.
Ogden Nash

Middle age is when you've met so many people that every new person you meet reminds you of someone else.
Ogden Nash

People who work sitting down get paid more than people who work standing up.
Ogden Nash

To keep your marriage brimming, With love in the loving cup, Whenever you're wrong, admit it; Whenever you're right, shut up.
Ogden Nash

Too clever is dumb.
Ogden Nash

Women would rather be right than reasonable.
Ogden Nash
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Leadership and success quote:

"Try and fail, but don't fail to try."
Stephen Kaggwa

"A boss creates fear, a leader confidence. A boss fixes blame, a leader corrects mistakes. A boss knows all, a leader asks questions. A boss makes work drudgery, a leader makes it interesting."
Russell H. Ewing

“A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”
Rosalynn Carter

“Leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders.”
Tom Peters

“The art of leadership is saying no, not saying yes. It is very easy to say yes.”
Tony Blair

“For true success ask yourself these four questions: Why? Why not? Why not me? Why not now? .”
James Allen

"Success is that old ABC -- ability, breaks, and courage.”
Charles Luckman

“Never forget that only dead fish swim with the stream.”
Malcolm Muggeridge

"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.”
Steve Jobs
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Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.
Life Philosophy of Zig Ziglar
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i love how this quote sounds..
"if you aren't what you ain't,then you ain't what you are"
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