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Here are what we have to offer. We hope you will have a pleasant experience at this beloved site of ours.

The front page, that welcomes all visitors to It contains important latest announcements, list of recently modified threads, a chatbox and various site stats.

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The heart, the core of here is where most of fruitful activities happens. It is the platform where ReComer are free (within the limit of law and morality, of course) to express their thoughts and opinions, be it serious debates on current national issues or just friendly greetings among members; this is where it happens.

Hot Subforums
Educations The place where you can find useful information about education, ranging from news about scholarship offers and tips on college lifestyles to discussions on difficult exam questions and past years' SPM/STPM papers.
Malaysia Today Favourite place for future leaders to debate and elaborate on their views, beliefs and stands on national issues.
ReCom Fun Center All work (and study too) and no play make Mamat/Chong/Muthu a dull boy, or so it says, thus it is not strange and out-of-place at all to have this dedicated subforum for catering not-so-serious discussions and chats on light topics. Indulge in the jokes and forum games contributed and initiated by our members.

The Malaysian education encyclopedia written by students for students. This is the latest feature in ReCom where all members are invited to edit and develop a comprehensive reference for the benefit of all ReCom visitors and Malaysian students in general.

Scholarship Holders Infobase
Looking for a way to contact current or former holders of a specific scholarship in order to ask some questions you have in mind? Want to lend a hand to our little brothers and sisters to secure a scholarship? Look nowhere else since we exclusively prepared this infobase for scholarship holders to pool their contact information and scholarship seekers to easily find the right person to ask for helps and guidance.

Social Groups
A relatively new section in ReCom, Social Groups are envisioned to be one of the places where members can socialize further than it has been possible with only the forum. For starter, this is a great place to share photos. New features will be added as we go along.

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